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A portrait shot by Toni Tempest Studios

Tempest portraits offer a versatile solution catering to the diverse needs of the entertainment industry, including actors and models. They are equally well-suited for enhancing professional profiles on platforms like LinkedIn and social media. Moreover, they provide a polished and cohesive image for corporate entities and can be utilized for sports team rosters, as well as creating impactful individual hero images.



• Headshots and full-body shot session

• Unlimited outfit changes for your convenience

• In-Studio Location

• High-resolution digital images

• Professional editing 

• Custom Online gallery 

• Print release

A photo taken by Toni Tempest Studios

Capture the essence of your athletic prowess with our specialized athlete sports photography services. Whether you're a rising star or a seasoned competitor, our skilled photographers are dedicated to showcasing your strength, determination, and unique personality. Let your headshot speak volumes about your commitment to excellence. We focus on capturing the intensity, focus, and confidence that define you as an athlete. 

• Athlete headshot sessions are exclusively available for groups of five or more, ensuring a cohesive and professional visual representation. 

• All athletes participating in headshot sessions are required to be in uniform, maintaining a professional and standardized appearance.

A Toni Tempest Studios Portrait

Life is a series of celebrations, big and small, and we at Toni Tempest Studios believe each moment deserves to be immortalized. All events, from the excitement of birthday parties and the pride of graduation to the love in engagements that each memory is preserved with precision and care. Let us turn your moments into timeless treasures, because every event is worth remembering.


Please inquire to discuss details of photo shoot and obtain specific pricing.

A Toni Tempest Studios Photo

Whether you're a small business seeking to boost your branding, showcasing products that demand attention, or organizing a large corporate affair, our commercial photography services are here to be your brand's visual storyteller.


We specialize in capturing the essence of your business, highlighting the smallest details that leave a lasting impression. With impactful photographs, we'll help elevate your brand and ensure your message resonates with your audience. Let's work together to create stunning visuals that showcase the unique story behind your brand.

A Toni Tempest Studios Portrait

Welcome to the ultimate celebration of group photography, where every gathering transforms into an opportunity to capture perfection. Regardless of your group's size or purpose, our expert photographers are dedicated to delivering the ideal photo. Whether you're immortalizing treasured family moments, elevating your brand with a sleek corporate team photo, or capturing the vibrant camaraderie of a sports team, our tailored package is designed just for you.  Let's embark on this visual journey together — because the best moments deserve the perfect shot!

A Toni Tempest Studios Photo

What is Lifestyle Photography? Lifestyle photography is a dynamic and candid approach to capturing real-life moments, emphasizing genuine emotions, connections, and the natural beauty of everyday life. Meaning, for this experience there are no backdrops or posing, it is you living your life and recording it through photography.  Our skilled photographers specialize in unveiling the genuine essence of your personality, relationships, and the unique moments that shape your everyday experiences.  Whether it's the warmth of family connections, the beauty of individual journeys, or the richness of shared experiences, our lens paints a vivid picture of your life's unique tapestry. Elevate your visual storytelling and celebrate the extraordinary in the ordinary with our lifestyle photography – where each frame is a chapter in the story of you.


• A $75.00 retainer is due upon booking to reserve your scheduled time and date.

• We do ask for 24-hour notice to cancel or reschedule.  No call no show forfeits sitting fee.

• Pricing does not include tax.

• Travel fees may apply.

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