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I'm having a professional photo session, what do I wear?

"Oh boy! I'm having a professional photo session—what do I do?

Capturing a fantastic photo isn't necessarily difficult; it just requires attention to detail.

Here are some Tempest Tips on what to wear to your professional photo session, that can lead to wonderful images and potentially save you money:

1. Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable and confident!

   I understand the desire to look your best for this 'forever memory,' but uncomfortable clothes can impact the way you appear in the photograph. If you're not feeling your best or your outfit isn't fitting well, consider choosing another one. Your mental state is just as important as your physical appearance.

2. Ensure your clothing fits well.

   Be cautious about additional charges for heavy photo editing. While Photoshop can handle minor touch-ups, avoiding wardrobe malfunctions is key. Check for shirts that slide, revealing bra straps or decolletage. Make sure the shirt fits well around the armholes and doesn't expose armpit stains.

3. Dress from head to toe.

   Even for a head shot, dressing from head to toe provides more flexibility in posing and puts you in a confident mental space. Wearing the entire outfit often enhances your overall presence, creating a polished look that partial dressing may not achieve.

4. Showcase your neck.

   Clothing that covers the neck can visually shorten the body in a photograph. Opt for attire that reveals the neck, as it tends to create a more elongated and flattering appearance.

5. Patterns and Colors.

   If you plan to wear patterns or bright colors, be mindful not to make them too busy or loud. Busy patterns can distract from the main subject—YOU. Similarly, overly bright colors or stark white can overwhelm the photo.

Following these Tempest Tips will contribute to a successful photo session, yielding the desired results you're looking for.

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Jun 22

A photo immortalizes your essence and captures your ambition for what you seek to achieve and you captured that in this photo. You are such a talented artist and photographer and you made me feel confident in preparing me for my professional headshots. Thank you for making me look and feel my best!

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